BlackTrax is a scalable real-time tracking system for people & objects in a live scenario. It can be used for allowing moving lights to follow people, track projection-mapped objects and to manipulate generative content to react to things happening in the real world.

Originally developed as an automated follow-spot system, BlackTrax has been used on some high profile shows and as more potential was discovered BlackTrax can now be used in a wide range of scenarios. Lucid Technologies works closely with BlackTrax to provide the most integrated tracking system to live entertainment and beyond.

For Lighting

BlackTrax can be used when follow spots aren’t practical. It connects to your current lighting network and sends positional data to pre-existing moving lights. It can enable additional flexibility, accuracy & creativity.

Automated Follow Spot

You can use 1 or 100s of lights to track your performers, all still with complete control from the lighting desk.

Triggerable Zones

BlackTrax can turn lights on and off as performers leave the stage, or can change colour as a performer enters a certain area. The possibilities are endless.

Full Control

BlackTrax works with any lighting desk, and when your lights arent following anything, you can use them as normal.

For Media

BlackTrax has intergrations with all the big media server platforms. It allows screens and projection surfaces to be tracked, in addition to aiding projector calibration & line-up.

Screen Tracking

Track objects and screens, and use this data to track projection onto your object. Screens no longer have to be static.

Projector Calibration Assistance

Use BlackTrax combined with a media server to aid your projector line up.

Track non screen objects

Track objects such as performers or objects, and eliminate the risk of shadows or other distraction that could ruin your visual design.

For Content

Realtime content adds a whole new level of live flexibility to a production but with BlackTrax content can react to people, objects & cameras in realtime.

Rigid Body Tracking

Use Rigid Bodies to manipulate content, like emiting particles or create virtual shadows based on lights in the scene.

Soft Body Tracking

Use BlackTrax to track people, their movements and how their armd and legs move. Use this data to control video or manipulate realtime content.

Camera Tracking

Track cameras for use in Augemented Reality enviroments, adding another aspect to your content.

Our Solution

Lucid Technologies has a scalable BlackTrax rig that can be tailored to you. It comes with a support rack as standard, for increased flexibility, alongside the main front of house rack which contains high  bandwidth networking and DMX processing powered by Luminex. The system utilizes fibre with connections to additional racks & show infrastructure.

Fiber Networking

Expandable all in one solution

Full Production Service

Due to the complex & show critical nature of BlackTrax we will always provide our own operators with a system that we have specified. We will specify, design, install & operate BlackTrax to ensure a consistently stable track while making it as easy as possible for the rest of your production team to work with.

Dry Hire

We will dry hire specific BlackTrax components to other BTE’s or BlackTrax rental houses. Please contact us for more information.

BlackTrax Projects

Asahi Super Dry – Discovery is Calling20200826091252
Skepta @ Field Day20190620141501

Want to know more?

Get in touch and we can discuss how BlackTrax can help on your next project.