Al-`Ula Ground Breaking Ceremony – Saudi Arabia

Al-`Ula Ground Breaking Ceremony – Saudi Arabia

Lucid Technologies sent two Disguise operators to Al-`Ula, Saudi Arabia to work for Italian Firm, Black Engineering. With dignitaries such as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in attendance, Black Engineering wanted our specialist expertise in Disguise to support the onsite team with such a high-profile show.

With 24 projectors creating a unified canvas between the sandy stage and the main screens and a raster size exceeding 6000 pixels our operators worked with the in-house system engineers to calibrate to two separate stage designs for two completely independent shows over four nights.

We also implemented workflows with master, slave and understudy Disguise servers with automatic take-over routed through 3 Lightware matrixes in case of server failure, preventing any show stoppers.

Meanwhile, our team in the UK worked with the automation crew to develop a connection between the media server system and key pieces of automation onstage, which was then implemented onsite once all of the development and testing had been done remotely.



Black Engineering


February 2019


Al-`Ula, Saudi Arabia

Kit Used

1 x 2x4 Disguise Pro, 4 x Disguise 4x4 Pro, 3 x Lightware Matrix, 24 x Panasonic 21k Projectors

Provided Services

Disguise Media Server Operators


Show Director

Marco Boarino

Video Director

Samir Abdel Massih

Lighting Design

Marco (Made) De Nardi

Technical Service