100th Year of Bahrain Police

100th Year of Bahrain Police

100th Year of Bahrain Police

In December 2019 a team from Lucid Technologies working with Black Engineering DWC produced an event unlike any other that had been seen in Bahrain before. Lucid Technologies designed and operated a large stadium-scale video system for the 100th Anniversary of the Bahrain Police.

The show paid tribute to the forces throughout the years including but not limited to the 1919 police, special forces and the female police and how this changed with the evolution of Bahrain as a country.

Part of the specticle were 2,500 cast, the majority of whom work for the Police service including a unit of armed officers. They performed with a variety of service animals across a 100m wide stage in the Bahrain International Stadium.

We designed a system of 42 projectors to illuminate a total projection surface of over 10,000 Square meters to a specific brightness specification. Working with local suppliers the system was installed in 4 Days then our team of technicians and media server operators completed the line-up and technical configuration in 7 Days.

Klean Dalton, Lucid Technologies Managing Director & Video Technical Consultant for the ceremony said: “being part of the groundbreaking ceremony from its infancy, pre-visualizing and working through many iterations of designs for the Royal family of Bahrain and the nation as a whole is something I will truly never forget.”


December 2019


Bahrain International Stadium

Equipment Used

6x Disguise 4x4 Pro, 37 Christie Boxter 30K, 4x Barco UDX 20K.

Provided Services

Disguise Media Server Operators, Video Technical Consultancy


Black DWC

Video Content Design


Show Director

Gavin Robins

Lighting Design

Marco (Made) De Nardi

Technical Service

MediaPro International LLC