Based at the Vue Cinema at Fulham Broadway, Gfinity was created by gamers to help grow esports in the UK and to provide an arena to showcase the talent within the eSports industry. Gfinity has been online now for over 9 years, with over 800,000 teams registered with them in that time.

From their broadcast studio they are able to host online tournaments, world championships and one-off events for the eSports industry all of which get broadcasted on various platforms, including Facebook, BBC and Sky Sports.

Lucid Technologies has been supporting Gfinity with Disguise Media Server Operators as well as technical support for screens management and delivery for their World Championships and one-off events alongside their Elite Series Tournaments.

This fast paced show requires a competent team of operators for all the components of the show. Lucid prides itself in being able to provide Disguise Operators than can keep with the rest of the broadcast teams during the duration of the shows, controlling all of the integrated screens and pixels embedded into the studio.

In addition to the studio in London, Lucid Technologies also heavily consulted and installed Disguise media server systems at a second studio in Sydney, Australia. Our team worked with local suppliers, system integrators, and the Gfinity Australia Production team to re-create the unique studio design. With our extended knowledge of how the show runs, we were able to advise the local crew and operators on the best practices and what works well within the fast-paced environment of eSports.

Photos courtesy of Gfinity UK.



Gfinity PLC


January 2018 - Ongoing


Fulham Broadway, London, UK & Sydney Australia

Provided Services

Disguise Media Server Consultancy and Operation