Maraa’ee Exhibition – Bahrain

Maraa’ee Exhibition – Bahrain

The Maraa’ee exhibition, also known as the Bahrain Animal Production Show takes place at Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation and attracts around 100,000 people over a 4 day period. Dignitaries such as the King Of Bahrain attend the show for its unique blend of animal agriculture, demonstrations, animal exhibits and educational exhibits.

Lucid Technologies provided operators and workflow support for Italian firm Black Engineering, a company we have worked closely with on many occassions. Black Engineering provided consultancy and technicains for the whole video production for Pico Bahrain, who were the hosts and organizers of the event.

The screen measured over 40 meters wide and 20 meters high, built inside a marquee as the main arena for the entire exhibition, hosting shows each day of the event including a Royal show the night before the exhibition opened, with the King of Bahrain and government ministers in attendance.

2 Disguise 4×4 pro media servers were chosen as the primary playback system, one as a master and the other as a understudy. The Disguise servers were fed into a Lightware DVI matrix to give full automated back if there was any problems during show times, feeding content via DVI Fibre to 4 double stacks of Barco 30k Projectors.




Black Engineering


April 2019


Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation, Bahrain

Kit Used

2 x Disguise 4x4 Pro, 1 x Lightware Matrix, 8 x Barco 31k Projectors

Provided Services

Disguise Media Server Operators