Samba Bank – Saudi National Day

Samba Bank – Saudi National Day

Samba Bank – Saudi National Day

In September Lucid Technologies embarked on a huge projection mapping project with LaserVision Mega Media. We teamed up with the goal of projecting onto two sides of the 40-storey, all-glass Samba Bank building in the new King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh. The glass façade meant that a huge amount of projection horsepower was required, a total of 60 Panasonic 21k projectors gave us incredible brightness and clarity. Our projection engineers aligned and calibrated all 60 projectors in stacks of 3. Our Disguise 4×4 system allowed our specialists to align and blend the projector stacks extremely quickly using real-world geometry as reference. In addition to the efficient line-up tools Disguise has an extremely reliable network solution, which meant the two projector towers had their own set of servers that were perfectly in sync, even if the control position was 200 meters away.

This was a celebration of the 89th Saudi National Day, the building was lit for 5 nights and the 7000 square meter projection could be seen for miles with an estimated view count of over a million motorists traveling around the financial district.

Take a look below.


LaserVision Mega Media


September 2019


Samba Bank HQ, Riyadh Financial District

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