Westlife 20 Tour

Westlife 20 Tour

Westlife 20 Tour

Back after a seven-year break, Westlife’s ‘20’ tour combined their classic tracks and fan-favourites with performances of some fresh new singles. Video providers for the tour, The LED Shed, approached multi-media integration specialists, Lucid Technologies to program and manage their Disguise GX2 system.

The video requirement for the tour comprised of two Disguise’s GX2 media servers, with five screen surfaces and five live cameras, supplied by The LED Shed. Lucid’s brief was met as they created an operator-ready show file ready for handover to the UK leg of the tour and its 32-date schedule. As Westlife hits the next leg of the tour taking the band through Asia, a slightly scaled back system takes nothing from the big and bold show.

The show featured a mix of traditional rendered video content with generative Notch effects which incorporated live camera feeds with the stylised visuals. Lucid Technologies’ Projects Director, Ashley Ball, is an experienced D3 operator and he worked closely with the Notch designers, NorthHouse Creative, to implement the generative graphics into the show.

Notch graphics are inherently different from typical rendered video content as they can require multiple live camera sources, content inputs, and a huge amount of keyframing all done on the media server. Notch graphics also put more processing load on the servers so managing performance, block load time & swapping between Notch layers is very important – especially when synced to music. The rest of the video content was created by Sila Sveta with key moments produced by Reza Dolatabadi & Helene Spencer.

Provided Services

Disguise Programming & Operation

Notch Design

NorthHouse Creative

Video Content

Sila Sveta, Reza Dolatabadi, Helene Spencer

Show Director

Brian Burke

Lighting Design & Production Design

DX7 Design

Video Supplier

The LED Shed