World Health Organisation: HEALTH DATA COLLABORATIVE

World Health Organisation - Health Data Collaborative: An international event, fully digitalized.

The goal was simple – elevate the production value of the Health Data Collective Virtual Event hosted on the Zoom Webinar Platform to match the level of importance of not only the speakers but also the discussion topic as a whole. The guest speakers and presenters would be streamed in from countries across the world and should be able to have a natural conversation with other panel members and the host. All while having communication with the producers & directors at our Edinburgh hub.

The Goal.

The Show.

The event featured 26 live speakers from across the world in addition to the host; CNN Presenter Katrhryn Kross – who was streaming in from Washington, DC. The webinar was hosted on the Zoom Webinar platform to more than 600 attendees over two hours and was produced to the same level of quality you’d expect to see on TV, with VT’s, lower thirds, graphics, and professional audio mixing – all of which is not possible only using the Zoom Platform.

How we did it.

Working with our studio partner Black Light, we used our space as a production hub. Receiving all our video and audio streams from across the world, synchronising them, and then broadcasting this back out just as a TV studio would.

Our system couldn’t have been more simple for a remote presenter to use. They just opened up their favourite web browser with a link that was provided. Logged in, selected their audio and video devices and they were instantly ready to go. The team at the studio can immediately see their connection details such as quality and delay, and the team of producers had open communication, either via video and voice or via text chat. This producer and guest communication was available before and during the event – providing a level of comfort to the presenters and aiding with show flow, making the whole experience feel more akin to a traditional TV production rather than a Zoom meeting.

Having a dedicated team of production engineers allowed us to provide a level of quality control that you’d only expect to have with a TV broadcast. With dedicated team members constantly monitoring and adjusting audio, and vision engineers monitoring the quality of incoming video streams we were able to respond immediately to any eventuality.

Our solution also allowed guests to log-in and test the connection themselves 2 days prior to the event. Not only giving them the comfort that their connection is sufficient but also giving guests an opportunity to understand the interface before they log-in for the broadcast.

We operated this production in the same way we would approach any broadcast meaning we could follow event branding cues and stylise the broadcast to match. This included animated backgrounds, lower thirds, holding graphics, and a library of VT’s that were played to broadcast throughout the event.

How we did it.

YOURgb had the pleasure of collaborating with Lucid Technologies and Black Light on a recent large-scale online event for The World Health Organization. The event consisted of 26 prominent guest speakers, including the Deputy General of WHO and several Ministers of Health from across the world. Together, Lucid and Black Light brought our vision of a fully branded, professional and live TV broadcast look and feel to life, meeting our brief to create an immersive event for over 500 audience members, that elevated above and beyond any Zoom expectations. The teams were flexible, committed, creative and an absolute pleasure to work with, and we look forward to working with them again soon.

Gilly Bain

Event Producer – WHO HDC Event

Director – YOURgb Events